Learning about sound is a path that presents many options.  Your methods are the voice you speak with, not only the tools you use, but the way you use them.  Setting out on the path, students should consider that while the tools can make a difference, it’s the overall perspective you apply to many approaches that’s truly important. Mentors at UPA teach this, encouraging diverse applications and devices.

The mentors at UPA also recognize the need for a higher standard of matching between student and curriculum.  We can quickly assess the situation and provide you with specific, tried and true input on which platforms, devices, and fields of study will elevate your craft.

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We cater equally to seasoned music professionals and brand new initiates to the industry. We make certain to ensure that you are met at the right level and are challenged yet not too uncomfortable. For those that wish, we offer a boot camp treatment that goes the extra mile to ensure your performance.



The team at UPA works to help you get the most out of learning.

Scotty Hard going over curriculum with Eden, assistant to Raz Mesinai.

Eden Alem
Project Manager

Cheeba Cruz

Cheeba Cruz
Propaganda and Events