Traveling from location to location in New York City, participants gain first hand experience in the art of music production from legendary producers, composers, engineers, performers, vocalist, musicians, sound-designers, technology developers, DJ’s, broadcasters and marketing strategists as they create a production from start to finish.

Featuring Raz Mesinai (Badawi, Sub Dub), Juma Sultan (Jimi Hendrix, The Aboriginal Music Society), Scotty Hard (Wu Tang Clan, Vijay Iyer), Shahzad Ismaily (Lou Reed, Yoko Ono), Ray Archie (Mix Luv, CBS Radio) and more TBA.

  • Raz Mesinai, Val Jeanty, HPRIZM

  • Class of June ’16

  • HP, Honeychild, Screechy Dan

  • Class of Sept. ’14

  • Juma Sultan (left) and Raz Mesinai

  • Mary Anne Hobbs w/ students

  • Dave Q on marketing

  • Screechy Dan, Mesinai

  • Scotty Hard’s studio

Program Length: 3 Weeks
Mentor Sessions: 8
Support: Assignment guidance
Check-ins to clarify topics and ensure progress
Technical support 7 days/week
Availability: Online
In the Field (NYC)
Class Size: 6 student maximum
Tuition: $3,600
Start Date: June 17th, 2016
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